The Farmer Dilemma

The Farmer Dilemma

There was a farmer who owned a horse and a goat. One day, the horse fell ill, so the farmer called the veterinarian for help. 

After examining the horse, the vet solemnly declared, “Your horse has a virus. 

He needs to take this medicine for three days.”

A few days later, the goat also became unwell. Concerned, the farmer called the vet again. 

After examining the goat, the vet said, “Unfortunately, your goat has also caught the same virus as the horse. 

But don’t worry, he can take the same medicine as the horse for three days.”

The farmer scratched his head in confusion and asked, “Doctor, can I give the medicine to the goat after the horse finishes his dose?”

The vet paused, then replied, “Well, technically, yes. But why do you ask?”

The farmer shrugged and said, “Because I think the goat might need the horse to help him swallow the pills.

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The Farmer Dilemma


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