The Mysterious “T” Imprint

The Mysterious “T” Imprint

Three college girls visited the doctor for an examination. As they entered the examination room, the doctor instructed, “Take off your blouse and bra.”

Somewhat hesitantly, the first girl complied, revealing an unusual imprint of the letter “T” on her chest. The doctor, taken aback, asked, “What’s with the ‘T’?”

Embarrassed, the girl explained, “Oh, that’s from my boyfriend, Ted. He goes to Texas A&M, and whenever we cuddle, his belt buckle leaves a mark.”

Nodding understandingly, the doctor turned to the second girl, who also had a similar “T” imprint on her chest. 

Puzzled, he asked, “Let me guess, your boyfriend goes to Texas A&M too?”

With a sheepish grin, the second girl admitted, “No, my boyfriend’s name is Tom, and he goes to Tennessee.

 But the ‘T’ is from his Timberland boots when we hug.”

Now intrigued, the doctor turned to the third girl, who was suppressing laughter. 

“Let me guess, your boyfriend goes to Texas A&M or Tennessee too?”

Grinning mischievously, the third girl replied, “Nope, my boyfriend’s name is Tim, and he’s a student at Harvard. 

But every time I hug him, I just can’t resist wearing my Texas Longhorns jersey!”

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