The Hospital Visit

The Hospital Visit

A man goes to the hospital to visit a sick friend and is startled to see another patient vigorously masturbating in his bed. 

Shocked and curious, he approaches a nearby nurse and asks, “Why is that man doing that?”

The nurse, without missing a beat, calmly replies, “Oh, he has a medical condition. If he doesn’t masturbate every 6 hours, a clot could form, and he could die.”

Wide-eyed and incredulous, the man stammers, “Seriously? Masturbate to save his life?”

The nurse nods solemnly. “Yes, it’s a rare condition, but it’s serious.

 We have to monitor him closely to make sure he stays healthy.”

The man leaves the hospital, shaking his head in disbelief, but also secretly relieved that his own health routine doesn’t involve such…unique measures.

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The Hospital Visit


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