The Dubai Downtown beauty!

This part of Dubai has a lot to offer for its residents and of course much more to all tourists and aspiring visitors from around the globe. Standing Gallantly in the middle of the area is the Guinness of world record title for being the tallest building is, The Burj Khalifa which is my personal opinion and others can only agree is that, it's the center of all attraction!

Your visit to Dubai wouldn't be completed without visiting the extremely alive and elegant area of Downtown where all famous landmarks are just within the same neighbors, from the very wide Dubai Mall up to the Fountain show and maybe a brunch or a delightful or grandiose dinner setting inside any of the five-star hotels around the area. 

If you're up to a shopping spree, hotel hopping, or just want an Instagrammable pictures then the downtown area is the place to be!

You will never run out of options. You will tire yourself due to the engrossed setting of this area where everything is inviting. Every corner, there's a unique scenery, every restaurant and all the whatever you call it filthy stuff & place that you wanna or wish to try or experience.

Visiting Dubai will be most memorable in the Downtown Area.


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