Apple Announces New Macbook Air, Macbook Professional, Latest Iphone System & M2 Chip

Tech big introduced get currently, pay later feature and redesigned lock screen. 

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Apple corporate executive Time cook started WWDC with pre-recorded presentations with excess revealing the newset version of Apple's software system for iPhone, lpads, waterproof system and Apple watch.

Apple INC on Monday proclaimed that's is new MacBook air portable computer was “completely redesigned” Around it's new M2 semiconductor material processes, that's is say that thirty fifth quicker than the previous money supply chip. The new portable computer are going to be 2.7 pounds (1.2kg) and have a 1080p higher-quality camera to produce the higher quality on video/cam calls.

The Macbook air can begin at $1,199.

Apple's say that user will currently use iPhone as a digital camera with their water proof computer system.

Here's is Apple has proclaimed therefore far;

  • New Iphone software system is known as iOS sixteen. 
  • Associated degree all-new Macbook professional with the M2 chip inside. 
  • A replacement 13-inch Macbook professional with the M2 chip.
  • New water proof sof system is known as Mac OS Ventura. 
  • New iPad software system known as as ipoadOS sixteen.
  • Apple pay later , Apple gets currently pay later service.
  • New Apple watch software system highly upgraded system which is known as watchOS nine.
  • The new apple M2 chip.
  • Pass Keys are going to be offered on iPhone, ipads and all other apple device. 
  • IPad OS16. 
  • Free morpheme technology productivity app are going to be designed into iPad, waterproof and iPhone in operating systems.

Apple additionally proclaimed that users should purchased currently and pay later for purchase.
Apple pay later or going to in offer at anyplace that apple pay is accepted and managed well through the Apple pocketbook money. Users will build for equal payments with no interest or fees. 
The school big additionally supplements associated degree edit button to iMessage for sent messages, beating twitter to a long-requested feature.
They additionally unveiled associate degree updated version of it's carplay software system at it's annual software system developer conference.
The new software system for the primary can time power the instrument cluster on a car’s dashboard showing speed, direction and milage.Apple aforementioned that automaker's like Ford's motor Co, Nissan Motor Co and Honda Motor business firm are going to use the new software system which cars with it'll begin shipping next year.
Apple additional introduced tweaks to widespread apps together with higher rendering of landmarks on it's Maps software system, Live sports scored on Apple TV and creating the shared video - watching app offered in electronic messaging.
The school big additionally adding a tool knows as “safety check” to show off access to sensitive info for individuals in abusive things. 

Apple introduced replacement technology knows as passkey  to exchanges password on website. Apple aforementioned Passkeys or safer than ancient password on result of passkeys or near to the internet server.The cooperate aforementioned it's operating to change the utilization of Passkeys with non-Apple devices.


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