The Blonde and the Hair Salon

The Blonde and the Hair Salon

A long-haired blonde walks into a hair salon with her headphones on, bobbing her head to the music. 

She plops down in the chair and gestures to the stylist to start cutting. 

The hairdresser, slightly exasperated, politely asks her to remove the headphones so they can discuss the haircut.

The blonde looks puzzled for a moment, then sheepishly removes the headphones. 

As the stylist begins to work, the blonde interrupts, “Can you make sure you don’t cut the wires?” The hairdresser stifles a laugh and assures her that they’ll be careful. 

After a while, the blonde taps her foot impatiently and asks if the stylist can work faster because she’s got a concert to catch. The stylist chuckles and says, “Don’t worry, we’ll have you rocking that new haircut in no time.

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