St. Peter’s Duck Dilemma: Heaven’s Quacky Rule

St. Peter’s Duck Dilemma: Heaven’s Quacky Rule

Three women, recently deceased, found themselves at the pearly gates of heaven, greeted by none other than St. Peter himself. 

He welcomed them with a warm smile and an important caveat: “We only have one rule here in heaven, don’t step on the ducks!”

With this peculiar instruction in mind, the trio entered heaven, marveling at its beauty. 

Yet, to their surprise, ducks roamed freely everywhere, filling the celestial landscape.

 They attempted to navigate carefully, but as fate would have it, the first woman, distracted by the splendor around her, accidentally trod upon a duck.

Horrified, she braced for St. Peter’s wrath. 

Yet, to her amazement, he appeared unfazed, simply ushering her onward. Relieved but still shaken, she joined her companions, all of them now treading gingerly, determined to avoid further avian mishaps. And so began their celestial journey, navigating heaven’s wonders while endeavoring to steer clear of its feathered inhabitants.

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St. Peter’s Duck Dilemma: Heaven’s Quacky Rule


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