A Puzzling Pregnancy

A Puzzling Pregnancy

The doctor asks, “Okay, what seems to be the problem?” The mother replies, “My daughter Suzie. 

She keeps getting these cravings, morning sickness, and her belly’s getting bigger.”

Puzzled, the doctor examines Suzie and then turns to the mother, asking, “Has she been sexually active?”

The mother insists, “Absolutely not! She’s a good girl. She didn’t sleep with anyone.”

The doctor, realizing the situation, tries to explain gently, “Well, sometimes these things happen… spontaneously.”

Confused, the mother asks, “Spontaneously?”

The doctor nods, “Yes, it’s called ‘immaculate conception.’”

The mother’s eyes widen in shock, “Oh no… not again!

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A Puzzling Pregnancy


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