A Close Call

A Close Call

In the dim light of the bedroom, a wife found herself entangled with her lover when suddenly, the unmistakable sound of her husband’s key turning in the lock echoed through the house. 

Panic seized her, but she composed herself quickly.

“Stay where you are,” she whispered urgently to her lover, “He’s so drunk he won’t even notice.”

With a racing heart, she hoped her words were true as her husband stumbled into the room, reeking of alcohol. “Honey, are you awake?” he slurred.

Feigning sleep, she mumbled a response, hoping to avoid any suspicion. 

Her lover lay perfectly still beside her, barely daring to breathe. 

After what felt like an eternity, the husband finally collapsed into bed, snoring loudly.

Relief washed over the wife as she realized they had narrowly escaped a disaster.

Quietly, she waited until her husband’s snores filled the room before slipping out of bed, gently guiding her lover out of the house. 

As they tiptoed away, she couldn’t help but chuckle nervously at the close call they had just experienced.

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A Close Call


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