The Lodger’s Bath

The Lodger’s Bath

Once upon a time, there was an elderly couple living in a cozy little house. 

One day, they decided to take in a lodger to help with the household expenses. 

They were delighted when an 18-year-old girl responded to their advertisement and moved in.

After settling in, the young lodger asked if she could have a bath. 

The woman of the house hesitated, then explained regretfully that they didn’t have a bath. 

Sensing the disappointment in the girl’s eyes, she quickly added, “But if you wish, you can use a tub in the kitchen.”

The young girl agreed and proceeded to draw a bath in the kitchen.

 As she relaxed in the warm water, the old man of the house passed by and couldn’t help but chuckle. 

When the girl asked what was amusing him, he replied, “Well, when we said we didn’t have a bath, we meant we didn’t have one upstairs. 

We’ve got one right here in the kitchen!” And with that, the old couple shared a laugh with their new lodger, knowing that sometimes, communication can be a bit misleading but laughter can bridge any gap.

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The Lodger’s Bath


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