The Troubled Marriage

The Troubled Marriage

Once upon a time, there was a husband and his young wife who did not have the best relationship. Despite their efforts, their marriage seemed to be stuck in a constant state of tension and bickering.

One day, the husband decided he had had enough and sought advice from a wise old man in the village. He explained his situation and asked for guidance on how to improve his marriage.

The old man thought for a moment before offering a solution. He handed the husband a bag of nails and told him, “Every time you argue with your wife, go hammer a nail into the fence outside your house.”

The husband was skeptical but decided to give it a try. Over the following weeks, whenever he and his wife quarreled, he would go out and hammer a nail into the fence.

As time went on, the husband noticed something remarkable happening. As the days passed and the nails accumulated, the frequency of their arguments began to decrease. He found himself becoming more patient and understanding, and their relationship started to improve.

Eventually, the day came when there were no more nails left in the bag. The husband went to the old man to thank him for his advice and share the good news of his improved marriage.

The old man smiled and said, “That’s wonderful to hear. Now, my son, go and remove one nail from the fence for each day that passes without an argument.”

The husband followed the old man’s instructions, and with each nail he removed, he felt a sense of relief and accomplishment. Finally, the day came when all the nails were gone.

Excitedly, the husband went back to the old man to tell him the news. But before he could say anything, the old man interrupted him and said, “Congratulations, my son. You have learned a valuable lesson. Just remember, the scars may fade, but they will always remain. Treat your wife with love and respect, and cherish the bond you share.”

From that day forward, the husband and his wife lived happily ever after, understanding that every argument left a mark, but with patience, understanding, and forgiveness, they could overcome any obstacle in their marriage.


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