The Specimen Surprise

The Specimen Surprise

As the lady arrived for her routine physical at the doctor’s office, she was greeted by the nurse, who wasted no time in handing her a urine specimen container.

“Here you go,” the nurse said with a friendly smile. “The bathroom is over there on your right.”

The lady nodded, taking the container and heading towards the designated bathroom. However, as she entered the restroom,

she realized she had forgotten something crucial: she hadn’t been instructed on how to collect the urine sample.

Feeling a bit flustered, the lady hesitated, unsure of what to do next. After a moment of deliberation, she decided to take matters into her own hands, quite literally. 

She removed the lid from the specimen container and began to carefully fill it with water from the sink.

Satisfied with her makeshift solution, the lady returned to the nurse, proudly presenting the container filled with clear liquid.

The nurse, puzzled by the sight, raised an eyebrow. “Um, ma’am,” she began hesitantly, “that’s not exactly what we had in mind…”

Realizing her mistake, the lady’s face flushed with embarrassment as she sheepishly explained her misunderstanding.

Amused by the mix-up, the nurse reassured her that it was a common mistake and kindly directed her on the proper procedure for collecting a urine sample.

With a relieved smile, the lady followed the nurse’s instructions, grateful for the guidance and eager to complete her physical exam without any further mishaps.

And from that day forward, she made sure to double-check her understanding of any instructions before attempting to follow them, especially when it came to urine samples.

(Feel free to add more details or humor to enhance the story!)

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