The honeymoon call

The honeymoon call

A young couple had just gotten married and excitedly left for their honeymoon. After a week of romance and relaxation, they returned home. The bride, eager to share her honeymoon experience, immediately called her mother. 

"Mom," she exclaimed, "our honeymoon was absolutely amazing!"

Her mother, curious about the details, asked, "Oh, that's wonderful! Tell me all about it."

And the bride replied, "Well, we went to this beautiful beach resort, enjoyed candlelit dinners, went snorkeling, and watched stunning sunsets every evening. It was like a dream come true!"

Her mother chuckled and asked, "That sounds lovely, dear. But why are you telling me this as soon as you got back?"

The bride replied with a giggle, "Because, Mom, you always said to call you as soon as I got home safely!"

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The honeymoon call


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