A Farmer’s Protective Stance

A Farmer’s Protective Stance

A farmer has four stunning daughters, and being a bit overprotective, he’s wary when Friday night rolls around and they have dates. 

As the first suitor arrives to pick up his eldest daughter, the farmer greets the young man with a stern look and says, “I’m trusting you with my daughter, son. She means the world to me, so let me make one thing clear: If you break her heart, I’ll break something of yours. Understand?”

The young man gulps nervously and nods, fully comprehending the gravity of the situation.

When the second daughter’s date arrives, the farmer repeats his warning, each time becoming increasingly intimidating. 

By the time the third daughter’s suitor shows up, he’s practically glaring daggers.

Finally, when the fourth daughter’s date arrives, the farmer opens the door with a shotgun in hand, glaring fiercely. 

The young man freezes in terror as the farmer growls, “I don’t want any trouble, sir. Just one question: Where do you plan on taking my daughter?”

The young man stammers, “To the movies, sir.”

The farmer nods approvingly and says, “Alright, have a good time. And remember, she’s allergic to peanuts.”

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A Farmer’s Protective Stance


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