That hole should to be covered up

That hole should to be covered up


Once upon a time, there was a small town with a very busy main street. Every day, people would walk along the sidewalk, bustling about their business. 

However, right in the middle of the sidewalk, there was a large hole. It was deep and wide, and people would often trip over it or fall in.

Despite numerous complaints to the town council, nothing was done about the hole. 

Finally, a group of concerned citizens decided to take matters into their own hands. 

They gathered together and started a petition, demanding that the hole be covered up or fixed.

After weeks of campaigning and gathering signatures, they presented their petition to the town council. 

The council members reviewed the petition and agreed that the hole was indeed a hazard. They promised to take action immediately.

The next day, workers arrived with shovels and materials to cover up the hole. As they worked, a curious passerby stopped and asked one of the workers, “What are you doing?”

The worker replied, “We’re covering up this hole in the sidewalk. It’s been causing accidents for far too long.”

The passerby nodded in agreement and then remarked, “Well, that hole ought to be covered up. It’s been running for town council!”

And thus, the joke was born, highlighting the humorous misunderstanding of the phrase “ought to be covered up” as a commentary on the incompetence of the town council.

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