Lady cheating on husband with her boyfriend

Lady cheating on husband with her boyfriend

There was a lady who was cheating on her husband with a boyfriend. 

One day, while they were getting intimate, she hears her husband pull into the driveway. Panicked, her boyfriend says, “Oh no! What should we do?”

The lady responds, “Don’t worry, just stand in the corner and pretend to be a statue.”

Reluctantly, the boyfriend complies. As the husband walks in, he sees his wife alone and asks suspiciously, “Why is there a statue in the corner?”

With a straight face, she replies, “Oh, that? It’s just a decoration I bought recently. I thought it would spruce up the room a bit.”

Satisfied with her explanation, the husband shrugs it off. Later that night, he decides to move the statue to the bedroom. As he grabs it, the boyfriend whispers, “Please don’t tell him I’m not a statue. I’ll do anything!”

The husband chuckles and says, “Relax, buddy. Last week, when I came home early, you were a lamp.”

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Lady cheating on husband with her boyfriend


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