Racist remarks in leaked audio viral of L.A. council members spark outrage, disgust

 L.A. City Councilmember Nury Martinez resigns amid
leaked audio scandal Viral Video ⬇️

In secret, Los Angeles City Board President Nury Martinez offered transparently bigoted comments, mocked a portion of her committee partners and talked in strangely coarse terms about how the city ought to be cut up strategically.

The discussion stayed private for almost a year, until a spilled recording resonated violently Sunday and turned the focal point of a rambling city toward Los Angeles City Corridor.

By Sunday night, three of Martinez's board associates had required her to leave. The break had in short order become a new and combustible issue in the approaching Nov. 8 political decision, with up-and-comers — some of them embraced by Martinez — marking out positions.

Martinez and the other Latino pioneers present during the taped discussion were apparently uninformed they were being recorded as Martinez said a white councilmember dealt with his young Dark child like he were an "frill" and depicted Councilman Mike Bonin's child as "Parece changuito," or "like a monkey."

During the discussion with Councilmembers Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León and Los Angeles Province Organization of Work President Ron Herrera, Martinez portrayed Bonin at one point as a "little bitch," as indicated by a recording of the gathering inspected by The Times.

Martinez likewise derided Oaxacans and said "F — that person … He's with the Blacks" while talking about Los Angeles Area Dist. Atty. George Gascón.

De León seemed to contrast Bonin's treatment of his youngster with Martinez holding a Louis Vuitton purse.

The discussion occurred in October 2021 and zeroed in vigorously on councilmembers' dissatisfaction with maps that had been proposed by the city's 21-part redistricting commission.

Alongside uncovering savage and bigoted remarks, the spilled sound offered an intriguing window into the in the background plots of the redistricting system and the exposed knuckled battling between different gatherings attempting to get political power.


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