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Hack by Kizz Daniel Verses

Nigerian Afropop vocalist, Ugochi Lydia Onuoha, famously known as Guchi has promised to duplicate anything that technique is being conveyed by expert performer, Kizz Daniel.The Buga singer as of late dropped another sound named Odo, which he had prior inspected and advanced with a dance video.

Cough by Kizz Daniel Lyrics

Kizz Daniel Odo Verses Circulated around the web twitter

The single is as of now getting monstrous radio airplay and the streaming numbers are developing on major platforms.Following the turn of events, Guchi said that anything Kizz is doing to make hit melodies, she would follow him to do same so she can blow. The Speedometer vocalist said that in the event that he hacks in a video, goes to the pool or does anything as a component of advancements, she would duplicate everything including the subtitles.

Cough by Kizz Daniel Lyrics

Hack by Kizz Daniel Verses interface video

Kizz Daniel as of late delivered another tune named Odo Coughand it is as of now acquiring far reaching airplay. Candy, who mourned in a post on her checked Twitter page, contemplated whether Kizz Daniel is sent by somebody to keep her from turning into a star.After shouting out, she then, at that point, utilized the valuable chance to advance declare the delivery date for her next single named Winged serpent Hymn. Observe full video⬇️



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