Hideo Kojima Reportedly Developing A Horror Game Named Overdose

According to the first reporter Tom Henderson, developer Kojima Productions requested the removal of his article on o.d., suggesting that's real -And an announcement is doubtless impending. The big question now’s whether or not this can ship on the PlayStation platform or not. 

Original Storyline: Hideo Kojima is leading the event of a replacement horror game titled overdose.
Consistent with Tom Henderson of attempt arduous Guides.
The sources claim he is been sent footage of a sport, that stars Margaret Qualley, WHO vie Mama in death stranding. However, it's according to this new horror title isn't joints to Kojima's latest information processing in any means.
According to Henderson, the footage bimanual to him puts Qualley in an exceedingly blue dress and has her walking through dark corridors equipped with a flashlight. It's all from the third-person perspective. However, first-person is possible too. “ A jump scare at top of the footage shows that ‘ Game Over”, followed by ‘A Hideo Kojima Game” ‘ Over Dose”.
Of course, with summer game fed live just rebound the corner, the hope is that titles are going to be unconcealed there. Except there are rumors of Hideo Kojima developing a title exclusively for Xbox consoles to apply the company's cloud technology. This might rather be that game, which means it won't unleash for PS4 and PS5 consoles. 

Moreover, it's already we'll-nigh confirmed Kojima is additionally creating Death Stranding 2 once Norman Reedus let word append a recent interview


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