Two men are working on a telephone pole

Two men are working on a telephone pole

Two men perched atop a telephone pole, engrossed in their work, were suddenly interrupted by the sight of a little old lady hobbling by. 

Seizing the opportunity, one of the men hollered down to her, “Hey, lady! Could you do us a favor and move that wire off the sidewalk?”

Without hesitation, the sprightly old lady cheerfully obliged, gingerly picking up the wire and moving it out of harm’s way.

 But just as she was about to continue on her way, the mischievous worker called out again, “Now, could you just keep walking with it, please? We’re not done up here yet!”

And with a chuckle, the old lady obediently tottered along, dragging the wire behind her like a faithful companion, much to the bemusement of the onlookers below.


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