The Victoria’s Secret Mishap

The Victoria’s Secret Mishap

Once upon a time, a well-meaning husband found himself on a mission to buy a negligee for his beloved wife. 

Feeling a bit out of his element, he stepped into Victoria’s Secret, where an array of lacy, frilly garments awaited him. 

Nervously, he approached a sales associate and explained his mission.

The helpful associate, sensing his discomfort, led him to a selection of elegant negligees. 

However, as the husband examined each delicate piece, he became increasingly flustered. 

With each passing moment, he felt more like a fish out of water in the sea of satin and lace.

Finally, after much deliberation, he settled on what he hoped was the perfect choice. 

Proudly, he brought it to the cashier, only to realize he had mistakenly picked up a matching set of lingerie meant for a much smaller frame. 

Mortified, he hastily made his exit, vowing to leave lingerie shopping to the experts in the future. And thus, a humorous tale was born, reminding husbands everywhere that some endeavors are best left to their wives’ expertise.

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The Victoria’s Secret Mishap


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