The Newlywed’s Inquiry

The Newlywed’s Inquiry

Once upon a moonlit night, in the cozy sanctuary of their shared bedroom, a newly married couple nestled under the soft covers, their hearts intertwined with the promise of forever. 

As the gentle hum of the night whispered around them, the husband, feeling a sudden surge of curiosity, turned to his beloved wife and posed a question that lingered on the edges of his mind like a curious whisper: “Darling, how many men have you slept with before me?”

The room held its breath, the silence pregnant with anticipation, as the question hung in the air like delicate lace. 

Yet, to the husband’s inquiry, the wife offered no immediate reply. 

Sensing her hesitation, he persisted, his voice a gentle melody seeking solace in the quietude of their shared intimacy. “My love, please tell me,” he urged, his eyes searching hers for a glimpse of the truth hidden within the depths of her soul.

And then, with a soft sigh that echoed through the stillness of the night, the wife turned to her husband, her gaze tender yet resolute, and uttered words that danced like fireflies in the darkness: 

“My dearest, it doesn’t matter how many came before you, for you are the one who fills my heart with love beyond measure, and in your arms, I have found my forever.” And with those words, the shadows of doubt dissolved into the warmth of their embrace, for in that sacred moment, they understood that love, true and unyielding, knows no bounds, and that their journey together was a tapestry woven with threads of trust, acceptance, and the sweet promise of a future adorned with the beauty of their shared love.

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The Newlywed’s Inquiry


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