The Drunken Baptism

The Drunken Baptism

In the heart of the woods, a man stumbled through the underbrush, completely inebriated.

 As he navigated the dense foliage, he stumbled upon an unexpected sight: a preacher baptizing people in the river.

Undeterred by his drunken state, the man swayed his way into the water, crashing the solemn ceremony. 

The preacher, taken aback by the unexpected visitor, paused mid-baptism and stared at the disheveled man with a mixture of surprise and concern.

Ignoring the preacher’s bewildered expression, the drunken man exclaimed loudly, “I want to be baptized too!”

Despite the unorthodox request, the preacher, ever committed to his duty, decided to proceed with the baptism. 

Holding the man firmly, he lowered him into the water and began the ritual.

But as the man emerged from the river, sputtering and dripping wet, he looked at the preacher with bleary eyes and slurred, “Hey, buddy, do you think you can help me find my car keys? I think I dropped them somewhere in the river.”

And thus, amidst laughter and bemusement, the drunken man’s baptism turned into an unexpected comedy, reminding everyone that even in the most solemn moments, life has a way of injecting humor into the unexpected.

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The Drunken Baptism


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