The Deadly Desires

The Deadly Desires

A woman with a devious glint in her eye strides into a pharmacy one day, catching the pharmacist off guard with her unusual request. “I’d like a poison that’ll kill my husband but make it look like he died of natural causes,” she declares with a chilling nonchalance.

The pharmacist’s eyes widen in disbelief, and he recoils slightly, taken aback by the audacity of the request. 

Gathering his composure, he responds firmly yet cautiously, “Ma’am, not only can I not do that for you, but I also strongly advise against pursuing such a course of action.”

Undeterred, the woman leans in, her voice lowering to a conspiratorial whisper, “Well, how about something that’ll just make him sick, then? Nothing too serious, just enough to scare him a bit.”

The pharmacist shakes his head, his expression grave. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t assist you with anything of that nature. 

My duty as a healthcare professional is to promote health and well-being, not harm.”

Disappointed but undeterred, the woman leaves the pharmacy, her nefarious plans thwarted by the pharmacist’s steadfast adherence to ethical principles. 

And though her intentions may have been dark, she ultimately learns that there are no shortcuts when it comes to dealing with marital woes, and that seeking a peaceful resolution is always the best course of action.

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The Deadly Desires


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