A guy wakes up with a huge hangover

A guy wakes up with a huge hangover

A guy wakes up with a pounding headache, a mouth drier than the Sahara, and absolutely no recollection of his wild night out with his mates. 

Slowly opening his eyes, he sees a bottle of aspirin and a glass of water on the bedside table.

Feeling grateful for the small mercy, he pops a couple of aspirin and downs the water in one gulp. 

As he looks around the room, he notices his clothes strewn everywhere, a lampshade crooked, and even a traffic cone in the corner.

Panicked, he reaches for his phone to check for clues of what happened. 

Amidst the blurry photos and nonsensical messages, he finds a note from his friends: “Congratulations! You made it to the party animal hall of fame last night. We’ve got stories to tell you, mate!”

Groaning, he realizes that while the aspirin might cure his headache, there’s no remedy for the mystery of his drunken escapades.

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A guy wakes up with a huge hangover


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