The Nuns and the Numbers

The Nuns and the Numbers

Two nuns, Sister Mathematical (SM) and Sister Logical (SL), were out for a walk when they noticed a man lying on the ground, clutching his chest.

As they rushed to help, the man gasped, “Call an ambulance! I think I’m having a heart attack!”

Sister Logical immediately pulled out her cell phone and dialed emergency services. 

Meanwhile, Sister Mathematical bent down and started taking the man’s pulse, checking his breathing, and analyzing his symptoms.

After a few moments, Sister Mathematical looked up and said, “Sister, the man’s pulse is weak and irregular, his breathing is shallow, and he’s pale. 

It’s likely he’s experiencing a myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack.”

Sister Logical nodded, relaying this information to the dispatcher. 

As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, Sister Mathematical continued her calculations, estimating the probability of survival based on the man’s age, health history, and response time of the emergency services.

Finally, the ambulance arrived, and the paramedics rushed to attend to the man.

As they loaded him onto the stretcher, the man looked up at the nuns and said, “Thank you, sisters, for your help. Are you doctors?”

Sister Logical replied, “No, we’re nuns. Sister Mathematical here is adept at analyzing situations and making educated guesses based on data.”

The man chuckled weakly. “Well, you two should consider becoming doctors with those skills. Thank you again.”

As the ambulance drove away, Sister Logical turned to Sister Mathematical and said, “You know, Sister, our ability to analyze situations and make logical decisions truly is a gift from God.”

Sister Mathematical smiled. “Indeed, Sister. 

And it’s a gift we should always use to help those in need.”

And with that, the two nuns continued their walk, their faith and logic guiding them through life’s challenges.

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