The Job Interview Question

The Job Interview Question

One day, three women eagerly went for a job interview. They were hopeful and determined to impress the interviewer.

As the interview progressed, the man interviewing them posed the same question to each of the candidates: “What would you do if you found an extra €50?”

The first woman responded promptly, “I would donate it to charity, as every little bit helps those in need.”

The second woman thought for a moment before replying, “I would treat myself to a nice dinner with my family. It’s important to enjoy life’s little pleasures.”

Lastly, it was the third woman’s turn. She pondered the question for a few seconds, then confidently said, “I would put it in my pocket and act like I never found it.”

The interviewer was taken aback by her response and asked, “Why would you do that?”

The woman smiled mischievously and replied, “Well, I’m being honest. And in this job interview, honesty is clearly valued, isn’t it?”

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