The Drunken Escape

The Drunken Escape

The woman was in bed with her lover when suddenly, she heard the familiar jingle of her husband's keys in the door. 

Panic surged through her veins as she whispered urgently to her lover, "Stay where you are."

Her lover, wide-eyed with fear, whispered back, "But what if he finds us?"

With a mischievous smile, she reassured him, "Don't worry. My husband is always so drunk by this time that he hardly notices anything."

Sure enough, her husband stumbled into the room, swaying and slurring his words.

 He glanced around the dimly lit bedroom with bleary eyes but seemed oblivious to the scene before him.

Relieved, the woman's lover let out a sigh of relief as they watched her husband clumsily make his way to the bed and collapse into a drunken slumber.

Quietly, the woman and her lover slipped out of bed, carefully avoiding waking her husband, and made their escape, sharing a knowing smile as they tiptoed out of the room, leaving the snoring husband behind.

And so, the woman's quick thinking and her husband's penchant for alcohol saved the day, allowing her to 

continue her affair undetected for yet another night.

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