The Doctor’s Attention to Detail

The Doctor’s Attention to Detail

After a passionate encounter, the man excused himself and slipped into the bathroom. 

As he meticulously washed his hands before and after, the woman, still nestled in the bed, observed his actions with curiosity.

Upon his return, she sat up and couldn’t help but remark, “I can tell you are a doctor by the way you washed your hands before and after…”

Intrigued by her observation, the man grinned and replied, “Old habits die hard, I suppose.”

With a playful smile, the woman teased, “I hope that level of attention to detail extends beyond just hand hygiene.”

Amused by her remark, the doctor assured her, “Rest assured, I always strive for thoroughness in all aspects of my life.”

And with that playful banter, they both shared a laugh, enjoying the post-coital moment filled with lighthearted humor and mutual understanding.

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