The Blonde and the Cop

The Blonde and the Cop

A blonde woman strolled down the street with her blouse open, completely unaware of the attention she was attracting. 

As she sauntered along, a cop noticed her from about a block away and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Intrigued and slightly bewildered, the cop thought to himself, “Wow, my eyes must be going!”

As he got closer, he realized that indeed, the blonde woman’s blouse was wide open, revealing more than intended.

With a mixture of amusement and professionalism, the cop approached her and gently informed her of the wardrobe malfunction.

Embarrassed but grateful, the blonde quickly buttoned up her blouse, thanking the cop for his assistance.

And as they parted ways, both couldn’t help but chuckle at the unexpected encounter on an otherwise ordinary day.

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