A Medication Mix Up

A Medication Mix Up

In a bustling hospital, Nurse Williams was diligently preparing trays of medication to be distributed to the patients. As she balanced a tray filled with pills and potions, Nurse Dobbs approached, offering to help.

“Need a hand, Nurse Williams?” asked Nurse Dobbs cheerfully.

Nurse Williams hesitated for a moment, eyeing the tray thoughtfully. “On second thought, Nurse Dobbs, perhaps you ought to take that tray into the cardiac ward!”

Nurse Dobbs raised an eyebrow, puzzled by the sudden change. “The cardiac ward? Why there?”

With a mischievous grin, Nurse Williams replied, “Well, if they survive the shock of seeing you with all those pills, they’ll be just fine!”

Nurse Dobbs couldn’t help but chuckle at the joke as she took the tray and headed towards the cardiac ward, fully prepared to brighten the patients’ day with her infectious humor.

This story injects humor into a hospital setting, showcasing the playful banter between two nurses and adding a light-hearted touch to their daily routine.

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A Medication Mix Up


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