A man inserted an Ad

 A man, feeling the pangs of loneliness, decided it was time to find a companion to share his life with. 

A man inserted an 'Ad

With a hopeful heart and a touch of humor, he penned a simple advertisement: “Wife wanted.”

The next day, the man eagerly checked his mailbox, hoping for a response.

To his surprise, nestled among the bills and flyers, he found a single letter addressed to him. Excitedly, he tore it open, eager to read the potential love note.

But as he scanned the contents, his excitement turned to bewilderment. The letter read: “You can have mine. She’s always in the way, nagging me to do chores, and she snores like a freight train. Consider yourself lucky!”

With a chuckle and a shake of his head, the man realized that sometimes, humor can be found in the most unexpected places. And while he may not have found his perfect match through the classifieds, he certainly found a reason to smile amidst his search for love.


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