A blonde and a brunette got stuck in an elevator

A blonde and a brunette got stuck in an elevator

A blonde and a brunette were using an elevator together when, all of a sudden, the elevator jolted and stopped between floors. As they waited for help to arrive, the brunette remained calm, but the blonde started to panic.

In her distress, the blonde’s blouse somehow got caught in the elevator door. 

Frantically, she started shouting, “Help! Help! My breast is stuck!”

The brunette, trying to calm her friend down, said, “Don’t worry, just stay calm. Let’s think about how to get you out of this.”

But the blonde continued to panic, yelling even louder, “No, you don’t understand! My breast is stuck, and I can’t move!”

Finally, the maintenance crew arrived and managed to free the blonde’s blouse from the door. 

As they stepped out of the elevator, the brunette couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Well, at least we know one thing for sure now.”

“What’s that?” asked the relieved but embarrassed blonde.

The brunette replied with a smirk, “Your breast is definitely not going to push the emergency button.”

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