Dameyon Massey Leaked Video Viral | Minister Uncovered On Facebook

Dameyon Massey Leaked Video Viral | Minister Uncovered On Facebook

North Carolina Minister Dameyon Massey is moving via online entertainment after he has been uncovered in a spilled video tape. Individuals are responding to his spilled tape and many are condemning him for what has been came in the general population about him.

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As per subtleties, a North Carolina minister and one of his ex-individuals have supposedly been engaged with an unseemly relationship and their mystery opened up to the world recently.

Bryant Johnson II, ex-individual from The Leftover Church Effort Services, guaranteed in a now-erased virtual entertainment post that his previous minister, Dameyon Massey, had relations with him.

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Instant messages got by FVVD show Johnson Il and Massey had plans to have get together on a particular day. Anyway the spilled screen captures don't show the genuine date.

Minister Uncovered On Facebook

After the analysis and backfire, Johnson I later erased the online entertainment post. Anyway numerous Facebook clients have saved the Screen captures and they are currently reposted on Facebook and Twitter.

Sources tell FWD that Johnson I and Massey has had a FWB relationship for at some point.

As per Johnson II, Massey is supposedly hitched to a person name Roderick Jones. He let us know they went to Atlanta and turned out to be endlessly spouse, notwithstanding, we have been not able to find a marriage Permit.

In the instant message we have gotten, Johnson II is [Blue]. Johnson II seems to have removed the date of the instant messages, however Massey tells Johnson Il that he will show up shortly. Massey tells Johnson Il to "ensure that ** and d*** is prepared."

Minister Uncovered On Facebook

In the web-based entertainment post, Johnson II likewise posted a screen capture of the cash he sent Massey on Money Application, which shows $2,829.16. The screen capture likewise shows that Massey sent Johnson Il a sum of $107.

Johnson Il additionally posted screen captures of Jones telling him not to express anything about him and Massey having relationship. Johnson Il let Jones know that Massey was having s** with him the entire time he was at the congregation yet was dealing with him like an outsider. Jones told Johnson II that he accepts Massey was harmed on the grounds that he left without a clarification.

Peruse THOSE Screen captures Beneath:

Messenger Dameyon Massey gave a video proclamation tending to those spilled Screen captures and the supposed video tape. He additionally publically atoned for his transgressions


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