bakari henderson video – bakari henderson leaked video twitter

bakari henderson viral video

Reconnaissance video from Greece seems to show the start of a bar brawl on Friday that killed a 22-year-old American.

In the video, which was imparted to ABC News, two gatherings seem to conflict in the city outside a bar on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

An enormous group stays outside the bar for a few minutes.

bakari henderson video – bakari henderson leaked video twitter

Bakari Henderson, a new alumni of the College of Arizona, was battered to death in the road after the battle broke out, around 3 a.m. nearby time.

In the video, he has all the earmarks of being escaping individuals when somebody body-pummels him into a vehicle and a gathering of men starts to beat him.

Henderson's companions who were in Greece with him told ABC News that the suspects were "searching for a battle" and punched him first.

He endeavored to move away from the horde during the fight, his companions said.

When Henderson's companions contacted him, the aggressors had scattered, the companions said.

Henderson endured head wounds, the coroner said. Every one of the strikes were to the head, and he didn't seem to have guarded injuries on his body, she added.

While the coroner couldn't decide precisely when Henderson kicked the bucket, she told ABC News that he was articulated dead at the clinic.

One of Henderson's companions, Travis Jenkins, depicted Henderson as a "peacemaker," saying that it was not in that frame of mind to "act forcefully."

bakari henderson video – bakari henderson leaked video twitter

Among those captured were an English resident of Serbian beginning who is briefly utilized in Greece as a bouncer and a Greek public who works at the bar on the island, police said.

Six Serbian vacationers were additionally captured after they were distinguished on reconnaissance film.

Zakynthos City hall leader Pavlos Kolokotsas told ABC News that the two gatherings included had been drinking broadly. 

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