Urdu spoken language

Urdu spoken language

 Urdu spoken language

Urdu is a language of Muslims that is spoken in Pakistan. It is also spoken by several Muslims in India, Bangladesh, and the UK. Urdu is an emotional language that has a rich cultural heritage. It is an important language for Muslims worldwide. Spoken Urdu is the language of Pakistan and it is also known as Pakistani Urdu. Urdu is a Persian word and the language is called "Lashkari Zaban" in the neighboring country India. The language Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and it is also the official language of Jammu and Kashmir and in some states of India. The language is also spoken in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and some other parts of the world

Urdu spoken language

The language of Urdu is written in Persio-Arabic script⬇️

Urdu or Hindustani language is spoken in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It is an Indo-Aryan language and shares many similarities with Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi and Kashmiri. Urdu has been spoken and used by Muslims in Northern India but has now become the official language of Pakistan. Online tools can make it easier to study a foreign language and converse with native speakers. Many are connected to social media and allow you to chat to other users in the same language.urdu spoken language, urdu bangla, bengali language, turkish language, urdu hindi, urdu written, english hindi, english urdu, teach hindi, urdu stories, urdu poetry, urdu grammar, urdu poetry in english, urdu speaking, urdu translation, urdu translation hindi, urdu translation english, hindi urdu translation, urdu to english translation, english to urdu translation, hindi english translation, hindi to english translation, english to urdu, urdu to english, urdu. In this blog, we will go over the various aspects of spoken Urdu, its proper use in a sentence, sentence formation, and the various things that one must be aware of in  Urdu classes. We will also go over the typing and how to use it, along with some other things.

Urdu spoken language

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Urdu spoken language

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by at least 55 million people, according to estimates.

It is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan, and of the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, and is an official language of India. Our New Article Urdu Spoken Language, published on Aug 12, 2017 | 22:17 in Category Education | By arshsha.Urdu is one of the most spoken language, it is also called as Hindustani and it is official language of Pakistan. It is actually a Persian dialect. If you go to Pakistan and start talking to them in English the locals will either not understand you or will reply in Urdu. Urdish is a language spoken by a non-human, non-corporeal, sentient ET species called Urdians, hailing from the planet of Urd. The Urdian language is said to be one of the most ancient languages in the Universe and is spoken by more than 50% of the World population. It is a logical, precise and a simple language with only 13 alphabets and 36 vowels and 25 consonants. Though the Urdian language has a lot in common with English and Urdu. There are certain aspects about the language that. 

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