Who is Model Destiny Jimenez? | Stabbed Boyfriend Leaked Video Goes Viral On Twitter

 Who is model Fate Jimenez?

A 22-year-elderly person was kept in San Antonio after she lethally cut her sweetheart, and she ultimately did as such because of a squabble between the two.🔵

Who is Model Destiny Jimenez? | Stabbed Boyfriend Leaked Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Albeit the reason for the battle is obscure, many individuals have hypothesized that the couple had a huge contention over adul***t content. This is upheld by a police report that proposes the couple was having a contention that brought about viciousness. The San Antonio police division, which is responsible for the situation right now, has expressed that the lady was confined after officials answered a report of a man being wounded and went to the scene.

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lady who supposedly cut her sweetheart was confined on Wednesday following a warmed contention. Albeit the casualty's personality has not yet been disclosed, Fate Nicole Jimenez, 22, was named as the one who purportedly cut her beau and was accounted for to have been captured. The lady has been kept by the police, who are investigating the occurrence to figure out what truly occurred and why such a ruthless cutting happened. The occurrence occurred not a long way from the 1604 circle, near the 5000 block of Wiseman Lane, in a condo.

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At the point when the person in question and Fate got into a battle, Predetermination shut the entryway, obstructing the casualty's sweetheart from entering, and the episode occurred around 1:50 am on Wednesday. She even opened the entryway and let him in sooner or later. After an especially warmed contention, Predetermination got a kitchen blade angrily and cut her sweetheart multiple times — once in the chest, when on the lower arm, and once toward the back. In torment and dread, Fate's sweetheart escaped the house while dying, calling the police for help. Observe full video Link 👇

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