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In a video denoting the favored occasion, Coolio, 58, held up his telephone as it played the clasp while showing the ostentatious ten-figure number.🔵

Watch Coolio Videos |  Coolio Videos Viral On Twitter

"Yo, what's up you all? We just hit one billion," he said. "I need to thank everyone for every one of the long periods of affection and being there for me. I truly want to believe that I helped you through a few great times and helped you through a few terrible times, cuz he d-n sure helped me through some… it's on and it's on and it's on.

It wasn't exactly the vast majority of his life, yet 27 years after its underlying delivery and five after it was transferred to YouTube Coolio's notorious 1995 Gangsta's Heaven has joined the one billion perspectives club. The news hit for this present week that the title track from the spike-haired rapper's 1995 sophomore collection, which additionally broadly showed up in the 1995 Michelle Pfeiffer schooling show Perilous Personalities, had crossed the billie mark. Observe full video Click This Link 


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