Watch What was the cause by of Lydia de Vega's death?

|| What was the cause of Lydia de Vega's


What was the cause of Lydia de Vega's death?

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What was the cause of Lydia de Vega's death?

The death of Lydia de Vega shocked many people. Here, at the blog of Lydia De Vega, we want to help people understand the cause of Lydia De Vega's death and what they can do to improve their overall health.

She was one of the next brightest stars in the history of Philippine entertainment industry. The death of this young actress was a great loss to the industry that time and an unsolved mystery in the modern Philippine history. She was only 18 years old when she died. This article will discuss the cause of Lydia de Vega's death.

Lydia de Vega was famously linked to actor/martial artist Charlie Sheen in December 2009. She was found dead on July 2009 in Los Angeles (only months after revealing her relationship with Charlie Sheen) and her death was ruled as an accidental overdose. This blog looks at Lydia de Vega's life and the investigation around her death.

Lydia de Vega was said to be the first woman to die for her country. She was a very important person in history. She was born in 1581, the daughter of a Spanish merchant and the richest woman in the Philippines. Her family was a regular target for kidnappers and she was no exception. She was abducted from her house in Cebu in 1598. Her captors demanded a huge ransom from her family. When they refused to pay, they chopped off her fingers and toes and finally cut off her head. Althoughz we do not know of the exact cause of her death, there are


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