Uncharted 4: A thief’s End Had a Stamina Mechanic In Early Drafts

Hanging with rope for Life

Would the inclusion of a stamina bar have affected your enjoyment of Uncharted 4: A theft End?, it's a motivation question and one that was mentioned by banter Scherr (co-writer of uncharted 4 and also the lost legacy) during a recent look on the couch soup Youtube channel.

Scherr Had the after a mentioning on the matter (as transcribed by Eurogamer):” A heap of the things that happen early on at prototypes of style things that eventually create it into a game. “Scherr same. “We were trying to do some fascinating things with the rising mechanics {in uncharted 4}... The long story short version of that's that we tend to do all these fascinating things with a stamina bar, attempting to create it feel tougher “.

Ultimately, the Uncharted 4 team scrapped the mechanic because it “got within the [method of naughty dogs] likable to mix [its] platforming the gunplay. 

Uncharted 4 did see some innovations to traversal, though however will implements they were is within the eye of the soul. The tool was cool and everyone, however, we recall a couple of too several winches/jeep puzzles besprent. 

Throughout the sport, because it was. Would uncharged 4 are increased or hindered by the inclusion of a stamina meter? It's a pretty exciting what-if to reflect on.

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