THOR LOVE&THUNDER , Star Chris Hemsworth and Nataile Portman Clash Over Who’s The Strongest Avenger


Same as Hawkeye before it: Thor Love and Thander will keep carry the destination of starring in two character of the film named after that.First, Almighty Thor Odinson, The member of Avenger team and the Asgardian God of thunder ⚡ that have been played by Chris Hemsworth For over the past decade.

Then there strong Thor, Thor God of thunder power converted into Natalie portman as Lady Thor In movie. Name as Jane foster appear in the MCU.First time a lady pick up hammer and take the power of thunder and lighting. 

In a promotional video for Mexican exhibitors, Hemsworth and Natalie argument over the which is most strongest and powerful  character in best. Hemsworth keep saying that he was the famous and most strong Avenger as before he's boosting that he was the first original before Portman fires back and say that character is wield to picks Mjolnir while it's crumble right before thor Eyes.Look at the silly bellow .

And also it's funny thing to say that the idea Thor gets Strombreaker, big Axe 🪓 and also hammer back and it's in Portman hands. So it's mean that it's no more belongs to Chrish Hemsworth.Thinks so much Fans potential Assuming about this character. Ok that's passing on the torch.i don't think that's case will be useful for it. 

Taika Waititi, who directed Thor Love & Thunder.he is also co-write the film screen play with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, star cast is Christian blade, Chris Pratt, Jaimi Alexander, Pom Klementiff, Dave Batista, Karen Gillan , Sean Gunn and Vin desiel with Goodbum. 


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