Rumor: Could We See a Release Date for God of War Ragnarok at Summer Game Fast?

 It's all about time, boy

God of war Gotterdammerung is one of the foremost extremely, anticipated Playstation exclusives presently in development, and the plug for the title is space approaching a fever pitch. Developer Santa Monica Studio maintains that Kratosnext's massive journey can be unleashed this year, and every one of the signs is there, however, we tend to still haven't got a firm to unleash date. However, could each one be near to change? 

Playstion corporate executives and honorable information Millie Amand has seemingly simply titled of the unleashing for God of war Gotterdammerung at summer game fest, that takes place later this week. Amanda leaked the existence of insomniac’s redevelopment Wolverine game before its official unleash, along with alternative things. 

 New look, it's confessedly not a lot to travel on,however as GamesRadar + means, if you think that it's unlikely that Playstation whould hand off a abdominal aortic aneurysm reveal to third-party showcase, bear in the mind that Guerrilla discovered the discharged date of Horizon tabu west at Gamescon curtain raising live back in August 2021.

The clock is ticking, and this highly anticipated title needs to be proclaimed somewhere, after all. What does one suppose the probabilities are if seeing God of war Gotterdammerung at summer Games Fest? Dispatch a whole pantheon within the the comments section below. 


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