Here is What The Cards, Based on Combat Of Marvel's Midnight Suns Look Like Gameplay Footage Emerges

Marvel's time of day Suns is shaping up to be an awfully

Interestingly, the spin on superhero games. whereas most major diversifications of the magazine vigilantes tend to be third-person action adventures, developer Firaxis is taking a fresh read. As you can see in the above gameplay video from Game Informer, it's closer to a turn-based RPG, with your available moves represented by cards.

Now, cards and deck-building tend to turn people away, but it looks to work pretty effectively here. instead of a fixed set of commands for each character, midnight Suns offers you a randomly drawn hand of cards, meaning you'll need to be adaptable and think on your feet to overcome the baddies. every hero brings different opportunities; Spider-Man will web up enemies to stop them from moving for a flip, while Magik while sends bad guys flying through portals. it's like you are ready to come back up with some great combinations of abilities, depending on who joins you in battle.

The studio is known for the most recent XCOM games, but this is looking to be a departure from that formula too. there's no cover — although plenty of environmental objects to require advantage of — and you can't move every character in a turn, while all attacks will always land — no percentages here. it looks to have a lot of potentials while also being more accessible for casual Marvel fans.

What's more interesting is Game Informer's discussion about the Abbey, the hub you visit between missions. You play as a new hero, The Hunter, and you will be able to build relationships with whichever characters you like by spending time with them. It sounds like there are lots to try to do in this hub area, with some parts locked off until you have the requisite powers unbolted. Watch the complete video above, as there's much more info in there.

We're pretty impressed by what we're hearing about this game, but what about you? how are you feeling about Marvel's midnight Suns after seeing this gameplay? 

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