ELON MUSK:Asks Why Executives Department Hasn’t leaked Jeffery Epstein’s Shopper List


Billionaire Elon Musk raised questions about deceased condiments convicted Jeffery Epstein’s list of shoppers in a very series’s of tweets over the weekend - suggestions it had been ‘odd” the the knowledge still not surfaced. 

Musk commented on matters aboard a culture labelled “thinks i’ll never see in my entire life “with photo of dragon ,dinosaur, a imaginary creature and therefore the words “the Epstein/Maxwell shopper list.”

Only factor a lot of outstanding then executive departments not unseaworthy the list is that nobody within media cares’Musk tweeted on weekend.”Doesn’t that appears odd”?“Sometimes i believe my list of enemies simply is to short ..”therefore “Must superimposed. 

Elon Musk on Mon suspects Twitter of breaching its contracted with him by failing to supply data concerning spam accounts- and all over again vulnerable to back out of his $44 billion take over deal. Attorney’s for Musk wrote that Twitter twitter has refused to supply data that will” facilities his analysis of spam and faux accounts on the company’s platforms.”per a stern letter to twitter that was the field with the Security and Exchange Commission.

The Jeff Bezos owned Washington post is fighting off its own struggle once a feminist journalist’s accusations of discrimination sparked a web Twitter brawl  involves 2 of her male colleagues.

The paper’s government official editor, Sally Buzbee”discharges off a memoranda over the weekend demanding communication “treat one another with respect and kindness “-simply days once political reports and kindness”-simply days once political reporter David Weigel was referring to as out of fellow staff member facilities Sonmez on Twitter for retweet’s a ‘sexist “joke. 


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