Vivi blasts and Julian full video | Juliano video with a new girl, Vivi blasts Juliano Floss viral on Social Media

It's just a brief time after the separation with Vivi, Juliano Floss seen with another young lady and video of him turned into a web sensation via virtual entertainment stages.


Vivi Wanderley and Juliano Floss cut off their friendship this Thursday (28). The two are together partaking in Another Year's excursion with companions, in Pernambuco, on Maracaípe ocean side.

Notwithstanding, this Friday morning (29), on one occasion after the separation, the Vivi said via virtual entertainment that she is disheartened with her ex.

Juliano had wound up with a young lady, and Vivi could have done without the circumstance, as it had just been a couple of hours since they reported the finish of their sentiment. "Also, the main thing I requested was close to home liability… How might you," remarked the force to be reckoned with.

On X, previously Twitter, Vivi distributed a few backhanded remarks that web clients believed were focused on Floss. "I tossed 2 years of my life away," composed the powerhouse, who dated Juliano for that period.

Vivi likewise republished a sentence after the entire circumstance: "Individuals have no clue about the close to home harm they can cause to other people… ".

Vivi's companions likewise reprimanded Floss on the web: "Full of feeling liability was the least he expected following 2 years of a relationship with somebody who thoroughly took care of him! Disheartening, how revolting", composed Gabi Medina. "What grotesqueness you saw, poor Vivi who took extraordinary measures for this relationship," remarked Victória Collen, one more companion of the powerhouse


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