La Oruga Leaked Video Viral | Honduran tiktoker denies rumors of images viral on social media


La Oruga Leaked Video Viral | Honduran tiktoker denies rumors of images viral on social media

Sort out why a video of La Oruga is viral on Twitter, since the Honduran tiktoker held pieces of noise back from getting the photos spread on relational associations.

Katherine Barrera , generally called " Soyloruga " or "La Oruga", is a 16-year-old Honduran force to be reckoned with and tiktoker , who has transformed into a web sensation for an alleged video that torture social stages, similar to Twitter and Facebook.


The Honduran tiktoker referred to that she felt very terrible, since people on relational associations irritated her and surefire that she was the woman in the video, regardless, she made sense of that she isn't the young woman in the video.

In like manner, Soyloruga 's non-long-lasting mother, named Terla, conveyed through a Facebook computerized recording that her young lady isn't the one there of brain, since, through moles and genuine viewpoints, she displayed the trustworthiness of the amazing powerhouse.

Likewise, the strong mother ensured that Soyloruga is a minor and will take a genuine action with each one people or pages that scatter the material , since it is a bad behavior, which is meriting jail.


This guideline isn't in force in Honduras, since Mexico is the fundamental country that has this legitimate plan, " Olympia Guideline " is the easygoing name of a guideline that hopes to fight the idiosyncrasy of cyberbullying.

Its name comes from a virtual diversion campaign started by dissenter Olimpia Coral Melo, who was the overcomer of the unapproved dispersal of an individual video on the web.

The Olimpia Guideline hopes to spread out criminal and administrative consents for the people who spread pictures or accounts of sexual substance without the consent of people included.

Too concerning those exercises that make mechanized mercilessness, similar to online incitement and baiting through cutting edge media .

The underwriting of this guideline in different regions of Mexico tends to a critical stage in the fight against cyberbullying and online direction violence , and its inspiration is to give legal security to losses and dissuade individuals who partake in this sort of lead.


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