What befell Marciano Cantero - Marciano Cantero reason for death

What befell Marciano Cantero - Marciano Cantero reason for death

 What has been going on with Marciano Cantero?

Marciano Cantero was hospitalized on September 7 at a confidential center in Mendoza, Argentina because of a kidney confusion that required an activity. One of his companions uncovered that he had previously gone through a medical procedure and his condition is supposed to improve soon 'Marciano Cantero, lead singer and bass player of productive Argentine musical gang Los Enanitos Verdes, died on Thursday (Sept. 8), only fourteen days after his 62nd birthday on Aug. 25.

Los Enanitos Verdes vocalist kicks the bucket make sense of:

Marciano Cantero, whose real name is Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernández, was brought into the world on August 25, 1960 and kicked the bucket at 62 years old on September 8, 2022. Cantero was a vocalist and performer from Argentina. He was the lead artist and bassist for the Argentine pop/musical gang Los Enanitos Verdes "Cantero was hospitalized at the hour of death and Javier expressed that his condition was basic following an activity.


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